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PROTECTIONS: Unique within the legitimate adult online industry, NightSurf has, since inception, been filtered by all major filtering providers, at NightSurf's own written request (NetNanny, CyberSitter, et al). Further, because it voluntarily includes the appropriate ICRA tags on each page, NightSurf is also subject to the Parental Controls features provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer, America On Line, and most other major internet services. NightSurf also submits the URLs of all listed websites to major filtering providers. Parent company WebPower, Inc. is an approved member of the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA). Finally, because NightSurf does not rely upon easily-abused spidering technologies, and does not sell listings to (often unscrupulous) highest bidders, NightSurf users experience greater listing integrity and relevancy than users exposed to hostile and unprotected adult search experiences. Platforms which utilize NightSurf enjoy superior user retention, satisfaction and value.

LEGAL: All services listed in the NightSurf database have been screened to avoid illegitimate elements such as illegal obscenity and child pornography. NightSurf is the only adult search engine that does not provide results for searches involving obscenity or other topics lacking first-amendment protections, including searches relating to pedophilia, urination, defecation, bestiality, rape, gambling and prostitution. At NightSurf's own written request, major service providers do not forward such searches to NightSurf. For more information about NightSurf's responsible practices, please visit the NightSurf home page at nightsurf.net.

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